Planning Process

Our PersonalPath Planning Process

At Mendel Money Management, we approach things differently. Our PersonalPath Planning Process establishes a 360˚ perspective on your unique financial circumstances and outlook for the future. When you work with us, you can relax knowing your wealth is being managed by a time-tested process that revolves around you.

Our process is founded on us adapting our planning and investment efforts on an ongoing basis. This approach ensures we are making progress and staying aligned with your evolving needs, especially during critical life events. Our PersonalPath™ Planning Process provides the structure and discipline for us to provide you with proper guidance – and for you to stay on course.


  • Get to know your financial history
  • Understand what is most important to you and your family
  • Develop and refine financial and lifestyle goals


  • Analyze current financial situation and compare with established goals
  • Promote a plan and series of recommendations to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals


  • Review our recommendations and rationale
  • Share our plan with your other trusted advisors, such as accountants and lawyers
  • Adjust plan based on feedback


  • Work closely to implement strategies
  • Partner to ensure all recommendations have been implemented according to the plan


  • As your needs change, our process continually refines and adapts our planning efforts to meet your needs
  • Ensure your plan stays current with new laws and market conditions
  • Continue to work with you to implement any changes required to keep you on track towards your lifestyle goals

Perspective & Guidance for Critical Life Events

Your life is unique, yet we all face many of the same challenges during the journey. Being prepared for critical life events requires perspective and guidance. Our PersonalPath Planning Process arms you with the insights needed to navigate the twists and turns life may bring, so you can triumph and reach your goals.

Want to learn more about our PersonalPath Planning Process? We’re happy to have a call.

Value Added Services

Sounding Board Services

We do not just go above and beyond for you. We also treat your family and friends the same way. If they are important to you, they are important to us. Our best clients utilize our sounding board services which allows for their friends and family to benefit from our expertise as well. All you have to do is let us know that a friend or family member may be contacting us and we would be more than happy to help provide them with a sounding board to ensure that they are comfortable with their financial decisions. We even provide them access to our online financial planning tools.

Personal Financial Organizer

Getting your finances organized can seem like a scavenger hunt. We want to ensure that you are keeping all your financial planning documents catalogued and easily accessible, whether that be digitally or in a leather-bound binder. Mendel Money Management has solutions to keep your financial future organized and on track with yearly updates.

Small Business Financial Consulting Services

Do you stress about financial decisions regarding your business? Mendel Money Management is happy to offer our expertise on how to best run your business, plan for future growth, or optimize your after-tax profits.