Who We Serve


We assist clients across the full spectrum of financial needs: from helping you maximize workplace benefits, such as employee stock purchase plans and stock options, to planning for your long-term security. Our goal is to provide peace of mind so they can enjoy life today AND tomorrow. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your unique goals. Whether planning for a new family, retirement or a work-optional lifestyle, Mendel Money Management is here to help.

There are few things, if any, more important than the well-being of your family. That’s why we take care of the financial aspects that enable you and your loved ones to effectively save for college, protect yourselves with smart insurance options, and regularly revisit estate planning efforts. Mendel Money Management takes the burden of financial planning so you can spend time focusing on what matters most to you.


Business Owners

We specialize in helping business owners design retirement plans to reduce their long-term taxes and increase their after-tax wealth. As an actuary, Brad Mendel has experience in tax shelter qualified retirement plans and administering 401k, cash balance, and defined benefit plans. Our perspective helps business owners diversify their assets and lower the risk of relying too heavily on the value of their business as their sole means for a comfortable retirement. We also provide professional guidance to employees on their investments and financial planning needs so they can enjoy their future as well.

Whether approaching retirement or already in retirement, we help our retired clients with portfolio design to mitigate distribution risks. From social security optimization strategies to helping make sense of Medicare to withdrawal strategies, our team works diligently to ensure you achieve retirement on your own terms and have the legacy that you’ve worked so hard for – and that your family deserves.